what is thrive?

Consider us your experiential happiness-incubator.

We inform our design with the “science of happiness.” thrive:) experiences create the optimal conditions for people to be their happiest, together.

Share. Stretch. Smile. Every thrive experience features these essential elements.

Science tells us that interaction with other people provides incredible happiness, so each experience is shared and connects people to one another.

Research also confirms that stretching our own boundaries —physically, intellectually, emotionally—is what creates “flow” experiences, which produce happiness.

And of course, thrive:) experiences aim to leave you with a smile—inside and out.

40% theory of happiness

50% of our individual level of happiness is determined by our DNA. It is what is called our “happiness set point.” 10% of our happiness is determined by external circumstances, such as food, water, shelter, basic financial stability. That leaves 40% of our potential individual level of happiness, which is determined by our intentional thoughts and actions. 40% is our own choice. So, now that we know that we can control 40% of our overall level of happiness, what do we do about it?

thrive:) creates opportunities for you to exercise your 40% — to take control of your happiness…to push your boundaries…to connect with others in new ways…to learn new skills and experience new things. All in an environment of fun, surprise, and connection. And when you get happier, so do those around you. And then those around them. And that is how we impact a community. One happy, thriving person at a time.

so, who are the folks behind thrive?

We are a volunteer group of professionals committed to sharing happiness and well- being…individually and collectively. We bring talents from, a number of disciplines and backgrounds. We are positive psychologists, sustainability experts, storytellers, marketing experts, scientists, artists, technology experts.


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thrive box: the gift of happiness

You know the happiness you feel when you get a surprise gift from someone you care about? Our gift is a specially-curated happiness subscription box-mailed to you quarterly. Each box is designed to bring wonder, delight, surprise, and of course…happiness. Our team individually crafts a box to create a fun, connecting, and unexpected experience for everyone that opens one.

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