nourish blog postMay I whisper some sweet somethings into your ear? (Since you don’t know what I sound like, imagine I’m either Judi Dench, Morgan Freeman or Daniel Radcliffe. Either one will do.

We’re focusing on Nourishing for the month of August. Here’s the delicious news that comes with a twist: it’s painfully easy to nourish yourself this time of year, this being summer and all. Soak up abundant rays and get your vitamin D. Plop a few freshly-picked blueberries in your mouth one at a time. Wade in some cool water to get some relief from the heat.

Just now, I literally felt the breeze of hundreds of your heads nodding in agreement. We know this stuff, right? We have to make time to nourish ourselves. At the zenith of summer, when local food is being harvested, when daylight and sunshine are abundant, and the time is a bit more relaxed, the invitation and opportunity for some much-needed R&R time are there.

Now turn your head so I can tell you something in your other ear. Even though we know how easy this can be, it can also get out of reach in a hurry. The culprits?

1) Time
Or that we don’t think we have enough of it. I smacked right into this one tonight. Along with getting this post done, I am facing a critical deadline for an application for my work, plus I’m going out of town in a couple of days. I definitely felt the stress of trying to get all of this done with a limited number of hours left to do them.
On the other hand, I wanted to do one of my favorite summertime activities: taking my dog for a walk around town. There is nothing better than walking around on a pleasant summer night with your dog next to you, a gentle breeze rolling between the trees.

Guess what I did? Took my dog out. Spending 45 minutes to do something I absolutely love to do is nourishing. Like you, I could find an excuse to not do it.

These aren’t major life and death choices here. And that’s the point. These are small, implementable, immediate choices we can make to give ourselves a happiness boost.

2) Guilt

This is what we “should” do. I should clean my apartment. I should shine my shoes. I should, I should, I should…
I love to travel. And there have been occasions when I’ve had limited funds to travel when I should have put them toward my dreaded student loans and not traveled. Don’t get me started on student loans. I’ve wanted to break up from them for a while now. But there has never, ever been a time when I’ve regretted taking one of those trips in favor of saving up for aluminum siding or something.

Not every situation do I say, “Screw it, I’m going to Jamaica!” and throw sensibility and loans/siding out the window. But when the time and experience are right, I do say yes, giving myself a dose of much-needed uplift.

Keep tabs on your experience to nourish yourself this month, mindful of the path you choose.

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