Brittany and Gio The Story of a Pop-Up Wedding

(Photo courtesy of Lindsey Beckwith)

June 24th was a big day for Thrive and TOLD CLE, because that was the day we threw a surprise wedding for Brittany and Gio Quintana.

TOLD CLE is a live storytelling show that happens every couple of months here in Cleveland. It’s always amazing. Dave Sabol, the organizer and founder chooses a theme and audience members grab a beer and put their name in a bucket to tell a true story relating to the theme. He always has a couple featured storytellers that have a chance to prepare and are always great. But this time, the featured storytellers were Lindsey Beckwith and Scott Simon. Lindsey is an incredible wedding and portrait photographer. Scott is a one time wedding officiant (now two-time) and Co-Founder of Thrive. Lindsey told a story of a bride disaster involving some xanax and whiskey. The audience had spectacularly hilarious stories to tell of love in our city and then Scott got up to talk about the wedding that never happened. As he started telling the story, it all became clear that the wedding that never happened, was about to happen… for real. And down the aisle walked a beautiful Nanni, daughter to Brittany and Gio, high school sweethearts who have given so much to the people they love that they’ve never had enough to make their own wedding happen. It was the most special evening, and the look on the faces of the TOLD audience is something we’ll never forget. The surprise was that they turned into wedding guests to marry this beautiful couple into their happy ever after. Check out the VIDEO HERE.




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