glowGlowing with Intention

Let’s start April off with a little bit of trivia.  Which of the historical greats listed below uttered the following: “Our intention is everything. Nothing happens on this planet without it. Not one single thing has ever been accomplished without intention.”



A) Buddha

B) Jesus
C) Jim Carrey
D) Mohammed

If you guessed Ace Ventura, then ding-ding-ding!  You’re our big winner!

Don’t sulk if you picked another choice and demand I buy you a milkshake.  Intention—and how exactly how it works—has been THE hot potato scientists, spiritual thinkers and silver screen stars have tossed around for years.  Many, many years.

Intention is akin to taking that first step in a thousand mile journey toward greater fulfillment and happiness.  In short, it’s giving yourself a map for the way you want to live—navigating the overwhelming world of choices, stimuli, and stress we all face in our lives.

Let’s talk for a minute about what intention isn’t.  It’s not about saying, “I want to be happier and a new motorcycle will make it so”, kicking back with a cup of Joe and then watching as presto change-o one plops onto your driveway.  Or telling yourself that a new relationship will make you happy and therefore, thou shall have a new bff.  Those are nice things to want, but they are also centered from the very vocal ego.  And, news flash, the ego isn’t always your bestie.

Second, with motivation, you can get those things.  Maybe it’s easy, maybe it’s hard.  There might be some not-so-fun obstacles.  You may despise the process of getting there.  Save your pesos and I’m confident you could buy a hotrod.  Sign up for one of the innumerable social meet-up websites and I am also equally confident that you could make a new friend.

On the contrary, intention is riding with your hands off the bars.  It’s easy and effortless.  It’s getting in touch with what you want when the TV’s off, your smartphone is buried under the couch cushions and you get quiet.  In fact, you’ll be living with intention when you GLOW:

Go deep.  Get into a quiet space where it’s just you.  Meditation is great for this.  Figure out what’s really important to you.  The less ego-centric the intention, the better it is for you.

Let go.  Once you get into that quiet space and figure out what’s really important to you, release your intention.  Again, remember that intention is free and easy.  It doesn’t need your ego prodding every five minutes asking why your 20-gallon tub of hummus hasn’t manifested yet.

Observe.  When you’re on the right track with your intention and desires, the world reinforces it with little (and sometimes big) clues.  It may be a person you meet who helps you along the way, a song on the radio that inspires you, or an unexpected encounter.  When you’re on track with intention, it feels like a hot streak at the casino.

Wish that everyone on this same journey can live with intention.  Let’s crowdsource this dealio!

If you’re craving a bit more info on living your life with more intention, check out the ever-rad Deepak Chopra or Wayne Dyer as a place to get started.  They may float your boat or not, but in either case, they can get your intention motor revving.

Here’s wishing you a happy spring for new beginning and new intentions!

– Dan


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