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Songs I am listening to during today’s cleanse:  Well, only one song seems appropriate:)


Well, the cleanse is over.

What an experience.

It’s funny, I look back at my posts from the beginning, and they were about what I couldn’t have.

I couldn’t eat bread.  Or steak.  Or drink a beer.  Or snag a scone and a cup of joe at Stone Oven first thing.

But as I sit here now, in front of the computer as I have most nights for the past 15-bloggable-days, that wasn’t it is all about.

It isn’t about what I couldn’t have.

It is what I DID have.

I had awesome fresh juice this morning, and now I have the habit to support that.

I now love a new beverage (almond milk with honey and almonds), love a new snack (Trader Joe’s Trek Mix), love lentils with lemon and mushrooms.

I love the quick-shop at the grocery store.  I love how fast and cheap making dinner can be without meat.  I love being able to sleep without the cycle of uppers (sugar, caffeine) and downers (wine, cocktails) fighting for dominance.

I love not feeling at the mercy of my desires, but rather just feeling strong, proud, disciplined.

Do I feel healthy, and energetic, and happy?  Yes.  Absolutely.

But the greatest gift has been the feeling that what I was LACKING – what I didn’t have – has been replaced with gratitude for what I know possess and VALUE.

And isn’t that a prime goal for our lives?

To replace the feeling of lacking with feeling gratitude for the gifts life does provide?

I’m sure it is.


I would love to hear YOUR thoughts.  If you followed any of these blog posts, and liked them (or didn’t), please take a moment and let me know what you thought. 

And thank you for letting me share my random musings and odd musical inspirations with you.

It was a total pleasure.



day 15 jennaAs I have said before, this cleanse was designed and led by Jenna Pacelli.

Jenna is a personal health coach and works from a holistic center.  She knows and guides us that everything that we do, eat, love, how we sleep, deal with stress, are all CONNECTED.

I have been super impressed with the amount of care, love, compassion, and clarity she brought to this process.

I highly recommend you check her out at her website, and consider working with her.  Her goals, as she says, are to help people “create a happy, healthy life in a way that is flexible, fun and rewarding.”

Who can argue with that?

Thank you again Jenna. Namaste and this is for you.





One of my favorite experiences of the past several years was the opportunity to give a TED Talk with my Thrive partner-in-crime Jen Margolis.

The experience was what you would expect.  Yes, it was AWESOME.

The lights, the cameras, the huge crowd – super exciting.  But best was getting the opportunity to share an IDEA.  18 minutes – one idea – that will live on in YouTube-land.

Our idea was that people can take data and research about the practices that makes people happier, and create experiences for them to LIVE IT.  Living it will encourage making the practices habits.  And making them habits will make people – and families – and communities – and the world – happier.

As I end this blog series, I wanted to share some of my favorite TED Talks – maybe one will strike a chord with you as well.



I first heard about The No-Pants Subway Ride on This American Life, and Improv Everywhere really helped to inspire Thrive.  I e-mailed Charlie Todd at the very beginning and he couldn’t have been cooler.  His TED Talk is fantastic.  Blue shirts and khakis at Best Buy are not illegal, by the way.




One of the all-time greats – all about positive psychology – is Shawn Achor’s hilarious tale of Amy the Magical Unicorn 




Why is the iPod ubiquitous and the Zune is nowhere to be found?  Check out Simon Sinek’s golden circle and the question of why?




I have referenced this talk more than any other.  Can we fake it ’till we make it?  Yes, but Amy Cuddy tells us we can also fake it ’till we BECOME it.




This cannot be described.  It just has to be seen.  And you will never think of 4 in the morning the same way again.





All the best – Scott

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