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Music I am listening to during today’s cleanse:  Afro-Cuban Allstars Amor Verdadero – Skrillex Live at Red Rocks – Haim Live at Glastonbury Forever –  Toots and the Maytalls Pressure Drop – Lyle Lovett If I had a Boat



Food and memory are inextricably linked.

As I eat yet another plate of sautéed zucchini with kale and pine nuts, my mind can only dream of cravings of the past.

Memories of a childhood Simon family tradition.  11 geracisEvery Sunday, my father would go and pick up large, blisteringly-hot pizzas from Geracis restaurant.  He would bring them home, we would all pile our plates high and eat in front of the TV watching 60 minutes.  The rule was:  no talking during the segments (commercials only) or you may be banished to the kitchen.  It never happened but it was enough to keep us quiet while we watched together as a family.  The pizza had a toothsome crust, sauce studded with sweet chucks of tomato, a plank of mozzarella an inch deep with a top that was always just on the verge of blistered beauty. Perfection.


Memories of walking through a frozen landscape.  11 ramenLast year, I spent New Years in New York City.  Just me for several days with just my camera, walking the streets, taking shots, and taking in the greatest city in the world.  One day, I started early on the lower east side.  There was barely any movement on the streets of Delancey, just a jogger or two on the Williamsburg bridge.  I took some shots and started walking uptown. Across the Bowery, through Union Square, up Third Avenue and across to 5th.   The multi-hour, frozen journey ended in mid-town.  Cold and hungry, I found a Japanese ramen restaurant, where I sat down and proceeded to eat the most soul-satisfying bowl of goodness imaginable.  Unctuous miso broth, thick noodles, nori, scallions, egg.  Perfection.


Memories of joyful carnivores.  131104_Collazo_GP_60.jpgEvery other Sunday, I have a special night with my daughter.  The drill is always the same.  I go shopping that day for steak and brussels sprouts and fixings for dessert.  I pick her up, and we come home – we make dinner together and eat it together.  One night last summer, the evening was sheer perfection.  I ordered 2-inch thick steaks from Whole Foods, we sauteed the sprouts until crispy with garlic, salt and maple syrup, and sat outside on the front porch watching the cars go by, eating and laughing.  Perfection.


When I am craving foods on this cleanse, it isn’t random.  My cravings are for those foods with deep, connected memories attached.

It is connecting with the joys and memories of the past.

Photos I took in NYC:



Is there another way we can think about craving?

Does craving always have to be due to something we are lacking?  Something that we want that we shouldn’t have? Something marked with an obtuse sense of urgency?

Can urgency instead become a model for excited, passionate, focused yearning for something great.

Can it be something that excites us, moves us, compels us in such a way that we crave it for it’s very greatness?

I spent a late evening this week with an internet entrepreneur who was in town for the day – we didn’t know each other at all when we met, but with in 15 minutes, we were swapping stories and ideas at supersonic speed. When you meet someone who is changing the world in the ways you crave, things happen.

That conversation tapped into cravings of mine well beyond pizza or Ramen.

I crave making an impact. Living out new ideas and visions and making them a reality. Having love, friendships, intimacy in my life at all times. Living life to its fullest and pushing myself to my fullest potential as my statement about living in this world.  I crave having fun.

What are your cravings?  What are the things that light you up?

And then re-frame them from needs & wants to FOCUSED PASSION!

Go get ’em!



The detox has been going well – and while my cravings are ramping up, no cheating!

Each morning continues to begin with water with lemon. Then a fresh juice and something with protein to begin the day.
Lunches continue to be salads – normally at restaurants – where I add a little avocado or something different on it each time – and a light fresh dressing.Snacks are devoted to nuts and dried cherries, hummus, celery and almond butter.

My energy level is off the charts. I don’t feel the need to manage my energy, or optimism, they just are coming naturally.

I am already beginning to think about what changes I might want to make in my eating habits after the cleanse is done. I have enjoyed this immensely so far.

The journey continues!



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