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What I am listening to during today’s cleanse:  Vox Populi 30 Seconds to Mars – Krishna Das Tara’s Mantra – Bruno Mars When I Was Your Man – and in honor of Glen Hansard’s performance in CLE next week, Jason Segel’s hilarious performance with Glen and Marketa Irglova





Ambiguity is delicious like pie.

When something happens, and we don’t quite have a handle on what has happened, or will happen, or how it will end – our imaginations can run away with possibility.

Ambiguity is romantic, and wild, and untamed.

When Bob Harris and Charlotte kiss on the streets of Tokyo at the end of Lost In Translation and he whispers in her ear, we desperately want to know what he says.  But another part of us just as desperately DOESN’T want to know.

The ambiguity is delicious.

The flip side of ambiguity isn’t as romantic, wild, untamed.  It the world of structure, of ritual, of habit.

And in a way, it is as powerful.  Or more.

I had a  roommate one time who challenged my poetry writing skills.  I used to write in free verse, loving the freedom it gave me to express myself in any way, in any form I wanted.  Iambic pentameter be damned.

day 3 poetryBut what he said to me changed my world-view in a heartbeat.  Sometimes, he said, when we have too many options we get stuck, overwhelmed.  We lose focus, we are rudderless amongst the possibilities.

But, he said, add just a bit of structure … rhyme, or meter say … and that very structure frees us up to play within it.

Structure frees us up to play within it.

Just ask anyone who is whole-heartedly religious, or an artist working within a specific medium, or a chef who only has 4 ingredients to work with.  Structure provides meaning – foundation – comfort – a small bit of certainty in an ambiguous fickle world.

When I wake up to drink my lemon water, or shop only the organic aisle at the store, or have to look away when someone is eating a beautiful Chick-Fil-A sandwich, I am not less free.  I am more free.

I am free from an ambiguous fickle world, and I have a structure to play within.

Play on.  Play on.



Juicing rocks.

The is something so elemental about taking a load of awesome fresh veggies and fruits and distilling them down to their essence.

Oh, and beyond that, they taste really damn good.

Kris Carr is a juicing rock star, and here is her go-to:






Kris Carr’s Green Juice Recipe

  •  2 large cucumbers (peeled if not organic)
  • big fistful of kale
  • big fistful of sweet pea sprouts
  • 4 – 5 stalks celery
  • 1 – 2 big broccoli stems
  • 1 pear or green apple
  • 1-inch piece of ginger

Pretty involved, I know.  But delicious.

green drink

OK, so here are some simple combos that I like, and the songs they make me think about when I drink them:

Carrot – Beet – Orange:   Jimi Hendrix’s Red House 

Kale – apple – cucumber – lemon:  CSNY Helplessly Hoping 

Pineapple – red apple – orange:  Take a Walk by Eddie Vedder and Neil Finn

Carrot – apple – lemon – turmeric:  Foo Fighters The Pretender 



So far so good.

While still being tired, I am not having any crazy cravings – a huge surprise.

I started the day with lemon water, then a breakfast of chia seed pudding (yeah!) and a juice of celery, kale, carrot and ginger.

Lunch was another almond milk, avocado, almond butter, coconut oil, and walnut smoothie – with an added boost of some nuts and dried cherries in the afternoon.

For dinner, I had gotten some hot banana peppers at the store the other day, and thought of what to do with them.

I ended up making a quick pesto with parsley, garlic, walnuts and lemon, and stuffed the peppers with the pesto.  I roasted them with tomatoes, onions and mushrooms.

It was spicy, and fresh, and easy.  And really really good.

day 3 - 1

day 3 2

day 3 - 4

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