free fallNo Risk, No Reward

What do skydiving, asking someone out on a date and traveling abroad for the first time all have in common?
If you guessed nausea, heart palpitations or panic, you’d be right…sort of.

The answer we’re actually looking for here is RISK.  Or known in laymen’s terms as getting out of your comfort zone, shaking things up, or venturing into the scary, unpredictable void of the unknown.

Let’s ponder some of the risks for each activity:
Skydiving: Splat! You’re a pancake!  No more romantic walks on the beach.  Wah, wah, wah.
Asking someone out: Continue to enjoy Lifetime movies and re-runs of Cheers…by yourself.

Traveling Abroad: A band of thieves could take all of your jewels, money and snacks, leaving you homeless, hungry and friendless in who knows where.
And that’s where that churning stomach, rapid heartbeat and dread all kick in.  We fear the outcome of doing something when we don’t know what the consequences will be.  Is it really likely you’re going to perish skydiving?  Is one rejection going to confine you to a life of solo-hood?  Will you be stripped to your birthday suit by hooligans abroad?  Most likely not.

Remember the first time you had to speak in front of a room full of strangers?  Or the moment of your first kiss?  You probably needed 20 yards of netting to keep all of those butterflies inside.  But with each presentation and peck on the lips, your fears gradually subsided.  “Where are my Depends? turned into “I got this!” before you even realized what happened.

Risk can lead you to greater states of happiness and your growth.  You push the boundaries of what you know.  If you sit on the sidelines, lassoed in to only the experiences and people that are familiar, you’ll never know if there’s grass on the other side of the fence or if it’s even green.  Forget finding a new passion or making an awesome new friend.  You’ll exist, but you won’t really be living…and thriving.

Does this mean you should gamble your entire life savings at the blackjack table?  Or riding a prowler (really big wave) in the Pacific with no training?  Ehhh…maybe not.  Start small.

February offers three, count ‘em, three opportunities for some good ol’ fashioned risky business.

1)   Love Lounge: Join us, Kick Start Love, and a bevy of single ladies and lads for an authentic night of connecting this Friday, Feb. 6 at Mahall’s in Lakewood. You’ll have an awesome time creating some Barry White deep social connections.  And who knows—Mr. or Mrs. Dream Partner may be there checking you out, too.

2)   Happiness 101.  Sunday, February 8th at 9:30am. A boots on the ground course to help you understand concepts like, oh, I don’t know…risk taking! to be more happy.  Great info and great practices to get more of the good stuff into your life. At Serendipity Space in Cleveland Heights, $25.

3)   Break the winter blues and blahs with a trip to Brite Winter in Ohio City on Feb. 21!  Brite is a bundle of bands, festivities and activities—a fun fleshpot that sparks the spirit! Thrive is working on a plan to warm you up to make new and novel connections.  Check us out!

4) Stay tuned for a special call out for love stories in the CLE. If you have a great story about love in Cleveland or know someone who does, get ready to share, and watch for more information on FB, this site and the Thrive newsletter this month!

We love hearing from you!  Let us know on Facebook when you took that leap of faith out of your comfort zone and into the unknown!  Happy risk taking!


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