Rachel Miller

Rachel Miller

Up Close and Personal:

Core strength: Being there for others and helping those she cares about live their fullest, best and most vibrant lives.

Loves to share: A great gift with someone. She loves when she finds the perfect item—that just right card or that item that screams their name—and is able to make their day with it. Being able to make others happier or lift others spirits in an unexpected way lights her up.

One piece of advice:  Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Don’t feel like you have to make excuses to anyone for who you are and what you believe. Just be.

To rejuvenate: She steps on and takes out any frustrations, problems or concerns weighing her down on her yoga mat. She shows up, works through it and tries to leave it all there, walking away new.

Perfect meal and song combo: Cooking her latest and greatest plant-based dishes to the album “Secondhand Rapture” by MS MR. It’s just the right tempo. The song “Ash Tree Lane” is her jam. Working with food on the stove and this album on in the background takes her to a very calm and happy place. 🙂





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