JacknewJack Ricchiuto

Up Close and Personal: 

Passion: to see people come alive in feeling like their life matters

Stretched most by: the books I write

Inspired by: people who intersect empathy and creativity

Favorite places: large urban cities, mountains and beaches

Next book: “An Amazing Hope” due 2014

Experience, Training, and Education: 

My work as engagement artisan spans over 30 years, across over 20 industries and several regions and communities around the US. My work is with organizations, communities, and education systems. As author of 14 books and several blogs and magazine articles, I continue to coach writers. I’ve taught undergraduate, graduate, and post-doc classes in leadership and planning and mentored entrepreneurs. I hold an MA from Goddard College in positive psychology and BS from John Carroll University in clinical psychology. More at JackRicchiuto.com


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