Evan Cooper FinalEvan Cooper

Up Close and Personal: 

Passion: untangling knots and connecting dots; finding creative and positive solutions to complex challenges

Makes him smile: watching my daughters grow each day;  learning to walk, read, multiply 9×7, every day there’s something new

Rejuvenated by: the woods (running, walking, skiing, hiking, sitting on a rock)

Gets the creativity flowing: life and people

Favorite discovery: learning to make chicken stock and turn it into matzo ball soup

Favorite treat: coconut macaroons

Experience, Training, and Education: 

I offer a deep understanding of business integration, product development, customer management, process optimization and digitization, and the positive human impact when done effectively.  Founder of growU in 2009, designed to grow ideas, businesses and people, working with a broad portfolio of companies and individuals in the culinary, lifestyle, and technology areas. I am very creative and able to quickly understand new concepts, viewing ideas from multiple perspectives, helping shape business plans, and move them to fruition.   I have over twenty-five years of experience working for large corporations including GE, managing high tech product development, business process improvement and digitization projects, as well as creation and leadership of several global organizations.  I completed an MBA from Case Western Reserve University and a BS in Operations Research and Industrial Engineering with a minor in Hospitality Development from Cornell University.

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